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IMAC 2018-05-16 Educational Session - Why the S&P 500 doesn’t matter!

IMAC will be hosting an educational session which will be presented by London & Capital followed by cocktail hour at Abacus. Specifics of the event are per the below.




London And Capital 


Title: IMAC 2018-05-16 Educational Session - Why the S&P 500 doesn’t matter!
Venue: Camana Bay Cinema
Date: Wednesday May 16, 2018
Time: 4:00pm – 5:00pm - (please arrive before 3:50 pm to sign in) followed by cocktail hour at Abacus
Cost: CI$ 15.00 (US$ 18.30) pp

Outline: Active equity investment management focussed on risk adjusted returns is a better proposition for cautious equity investing. The S&P 500 is useful as a long term comparison, but it contains many hidden risks.

  Some of the main discussion points are below:

  • The volatility of the S&P 500 and how this varies over time.
  • Details on the stock market cycle and the economic cycle.
  • Imbalances created by index investing (ETFs) and the recent narrow market environment driven by FAANGs – and how these two elements could unwind.
  • The dangers and benefits of passive investing
  • Avoiding bubbles and favouring compounding stocks and looking through the noise.


Please click here for presentation.

All attendees are invited to meet at Abacus after the presentation for cocktails and nibbles.

Registration: Please click here for registration form. Complete and send to Nicholas Tibbetts at imac@caymancaptive.ky.

Contact: William Forsythe at william.forsythe@caymancaptive.ky or Nicholas Tibbetts at imac@caymancaptive.ky or phone 949-4622.

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