November 27 to 29, 2018

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2015 Agenda

The 2015 Forum was another smash hit withs something for everyone, from healthcare, group captives, worker's compensation, reinsurance and insurance-linked securities.

You may view the Directories of the 2015 Forum attendees, sponsors & exhibitors, media etc. from this link (click here)

2015 Agenda Brochure

The 2015 Forum Agenda Brochure (pdf - large file with adverts etc) is available from this link click here (updated November 4, 2015)

The 2015 Cayman Captive Forum Agenda at a glance (pdf - small file with just the Agenda items) is available from this link click here (updated November 13, 2015)

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Registration Desk Hours

10:00am –  5:00pm  Tuesday, 1st December
  8:00am –  3:00pm  Wednesday, 2nd December
  8:00am – 12:00pm  Thursday, 3rd December 

Scotiabank Hospitality Suite Hours

10:00am – 5:00pm Wednesday, 2rd December
10:00am – 5:45pm Thursday, 3rd December                                      

KPMG Lounge Hours

  8:00am – 5:00pm Wednesday, 2rd December
  8:00am – 5:45pm Thursday, 3rd December 

The various exhibitor draw winners will be announced and prizes distributed during the Thursday luncheon in the tent on the Great Lawn.

Accreditations CCF2015

ICCIE: Various sessions in the Forum (CCF2015) will be accredited by ICCIE for ACI credit.  Make sure to sign in to receive the credits. We will forward the completed sign in sheets to ICCIE.

ASHRM has approved 15.0 contact hours of Continuing Education Credits for the Cayman Captive Forum which was held on Dec 1-3, 2015. The contact hours can be put towards the fullfillment of the requirements of ASHRM designations of FASHRM (Fellow) and DFASHRM (Distinguished Fellow) and towards CPHRM renewal. 

We will email attendance certificates to all Delegates (including Speakers but not Networking attendees) shortly after the Forum. Note: Only Delegates and Speakers are permitted to attend the Forum morning and afternoon breakout sessions. Those who ae registered only for the Pre-Forum Tutorials will receive attendance certificates for those hours.


The PowerPoint presentations will be available from links on the session topics below. Please see the Agenda Brochure for full session details. Cayman Captive Forum 2015 Agenda. (updated November 20, 2015)
 From  To   Tuesday December 1, 2015
 7:30AM 12:00PM  Morning

Golf Tournament - Blue Tip at The Ritz-Carlton
Sponsored by Performa

      Pre-Forum Tutorials
 2:00PM  2:50PM  Track A Captive 101
Peter Jones, Sean Rider, Julie Robertson. 
(click here for presentation)
     Track B

Cayman Regulatory Update
Raz Busari, Kay Carter, Damian Pentney, James Trundle. 
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     Track C Captive Taxation Overview
Michael Domanski, Doug Harrell, Peter Stafford.
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 3:00PM  3:50PM  Track A Why Cayman - Insights
Ruwan Jayasekera, Kieran O'Mahony, Jude Scott.
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     Track B * Feasibility Studies For Captives - Getting it Right the First Time
Mike Meehan, Anne Marie Towle.
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     Track C Actuarial 101: The Basics of IBNR Reserves and its Connection with Collateral Requirements
Nick Hentges, Joe Herbers, Laura Ratcliffe, Renee Reimer.
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 4:00PM  4:50PM  Track A PICS
Kay Carter, Tom Jones, Justine Plenkiewicz, Paul Tamburri
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     Track B A Year in the Life of a Captive
Howard Byrne, Alan Craig, Ruwan Jayasekera, Ian Lomas.
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     Track C * Review of Accounting Pronouncements
Carrie Brown, Nathan Robnett, Melanie Snyman, David Watt.
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       * ICCIE Credit
 5:30PM  7:00PM  

Welcome Reception at The Ritz-Carlton North Sound Pool
Sponsored by Butterfield Bank

 From  To    Wednesday December 2, 2015
 7:30AM  8:25AM  Morning Breakfast in the Tent on the Great Lawn
Sponsored by Credit Suisse
      Main Forum
 8:30AM  8:40AM  

Chairman's Opening Remarks

 8:45AM  8:55AM   Welcome by the Cayman Islands Government
Hon.Roy McTaggart, Councillor to Ministries of Finance and Financial Services, Commerce and Environment
 9:00AM  10:00AM  Keynote Generational Kinetics
Jason Dorsey
Sponsored by Deutsche Bank
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 10:05AM  10:30AM   Coffee Break
Sponsored by Greenlight Re
 10:35AM  11:30AM   Global Risk Trends: Captive Usage Today and in the Future
Peter Mullen - AON Risk Solutions
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 11:35AM  12:30PM  

Seven Summits Challenge
Guy Manning - Campbells
(no presentation files)

 12:30PM  1:55PM   Lunch in the Tent on the Great Lawn
Sponsored by Zurich
      Breakout Sessions
 2:00PM  2:55PM  Track A *Hospital/Physician Captive 50/50 Parity Partnership - A Success Story
Tom Jones, Mark R. Marcantano, Raymond Powrie, Edward M. Wrobel.
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     Track B * Catastrophic Cases: Understanding the Psychology That Leads to Super Losses
Suzanne Davis, Jennifer Disner, Amy Evans, Bill Sherwood.
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     Track C * Captive Reinsurance: Choosing the Correct Reinsurance Partner and Understanding Reinsurance Issues - A Crucial Analysis
Brian First, Eric Lark.
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 2:55PM  3:45PM  Track A * Telemedicine and the eHealth Revolution: Being Cutting Edge While Remaining Compliant
Meg Garrett, Karen Mathura. 
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     Track B *Obstetrics: Medical Malpractice Trends and Linkage to Quality Efforts
Charles Kolodkin, Mark Reynolds, Larry Smith, Ed Wrobel.
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     Track C  Investment Panel - Volatility Returns
Hugh Barit, Andy Baron, Nick Chamie.
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 3:50 PM  4:05PM   Ice Cream Break
Sponsored by Kensington Management Group, Ltd and 
Captive Resources
 4:10PM  5:00PM  Track A

* Consolidation of Healthsystems and Their Captives
Scott Beckman, Mike DeWitt, Julie Robertson, Bruce Whitmore.
(click here for presentation) Note: This session is an ICCIE Webcast.

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     Track B * Employment Practices Liability: Captive Utilisation and a Macro Approach to the Human Capital Risk Domain - It's Not Just EEOC Responses Anymore
Michele Caulderon Johns, Michael D. Marine, David Na.
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     Track C * Hiding in Plain Sight: One of Your Biggest Insurance Costs
John Fitzgerald, Norman G. Tabler.
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       *ICCIE Credit
 5:30PM  7:00PM   Reception at Camana Bay
Sponsored by QBE North America


 From  To   Thursday December 3, 2015
 7:30AM  8:25AM  Morning Breakfast in the Tent on the Great Lawn
Co-Sponsored by Oliver Wyman and Sinclairs
      Main Forum
 8:30AM  8:55AM  

The Regulators State of the Cayman Islands Insurance Industry
Patrick Bodden, Deputy Managing Director - C.I. Monetary Authority

 9:00AM  10:00AM   Hollywood Hacking vs.YOUR Organisation
Michael Bazzell
Sponsored by Beazley Group
 10:05AM  10:30AM   Coffee Break
Sponsored by Greenlight Re
 10:35AM  11:30AM  

Insurance Market Update - 2015 & 2016
Chris Lay, Brendan Barry, Nigel Malcolm, Kim Morgan.
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 11:35AM  12:30PM   If Change Were Easy, We'd All Be Perfect
Michael Melnick
Sponsored by Captive Resources
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 12:30PM  1:55PM   Lunch in the Tent on the Great Lawn
Sponsored by Zurich
      Breakout Sessions
 2:00PM  2:55PM  Track A * Healthcare Captives... Beyond Healthcare Risks
Ruwan Jayasekera, Melanie Lakin, Alyssa Verderami, Donna Vible.
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     Track B * Using New Analytics to Gain Competitive Efficiency
Sandy Boillot, David Bouskila, Holly Meidl.
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     Track C * One Member's Journey Toward and Energised, Effective and safe Workforce!
Brian Brooks, Andy Johnson, Michael Melnick.
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 2:55PM  3:45PM  Track A * CARe - A Model for Captive Owners Post Traumatic Event - Comminication, Apology and Resolutions
Michael Hawkins, Becky Havlisch, William McDonough, Michael Sheehy.
(click here for presentation)
     Track B * The Changing Landscape of Captive Taxation
Rick Irvine, Paul Phillips.
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     Track C * The Data Breach: How to Stay Defensible Before, During and After the Incident
Michael Bazzell, Alex Ricardo, Lynn Sessions.
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 3:50 PM  4:05PM   Ice Cream Break
Sponsored by Kensington Management Group, Ltd
Captive Resources
 4:10PM  5:00PM  Track A * The Role of a Captive in a System Wide Enterprise Risk Management Program
Laura Ratcliffe, Jean Paul Rebillard, Renee Reimer, Philip Reischman.
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     Track B * Capitalising Your Captive: How Much, Where, and Compared to What
Eric Claprood, David Flandro, Hugh Jago, Ellen Varney.
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     Track C * HedgefundRe: The Changing Landscape and Cayman Islands Role in the Future
Brendan Barry, Gary Dombowski, Rohan Small, Abraham Thoppil.
(no presentation)
       *ICCIE Credit
 6:00PM  9:00PM  

Closing Reception on Seven Mile Beach at The Ritz-Carlton
Sponsored by PricewaterhouseCoopers
Cigar Bar Sponsored by Pinnacle
Ice Bar Sponsored by Milliman
Fireworks Sponsored by Integro



      Friday December 4, 2015
 8:00AM  1:00PM  Morning Golf Tournament - Blue Tip at The Ritz-Carlton
Sponsored by PRP Performa