Duties & Responsibilities - Research and Development Committee

Research and Development Committee:

  • The organization of the Research & Development Committee consists of its Chairman, voting members, local and overseas associate members, and the IMAC General Manager as an ex-officio member.

  • The Committee’s purpose is to "Give technical support as required into projects undertaken by IMAC’s L&R, Education and Marketing committees.  To consider matters of concern to the Members as delegated by EXCO. To give intuitive insights to IMAC as regards its outreach locally and internationally, and in its relations with Cayman Islands Government, Cayman Finance and CIMA."

  • The authority of the Committee is limited to that expressly granted by the Articles of Association (in particular articles 56-58), or resolutions passed by the Executive Committee.

  • The Chairperson of the Committee calls the meetings.  The committee will meet before the monthly Executive Committee meeting (although not necessarily every month) at a place to be determined.

Updated at 2017-12-20.

See the Domicile Comparison Report.

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