Duties & Responsibilities - Forum Committee

Forum Committee:

  • The organization of the Forum Committee consists of its Chairperson or (co-Chairpersons), IMAC’s general manager, voting members.
  • The Committee’s mission is “to recommend an informative, educational and financially viable annual captive forum to the Executive Committee, such that monies can be raised and donated to the Educational Scholarship Fund.”
  • The authority of the Committee is limited to that expressly granted by the Articles of Association (in particular articles 56-58), or resolutions passed by the Executive Committee.
  • The Chairperson (or co-Chairpersons) of the Forum Committee calls the meetings.  The Committee will meet before the monthly Executive Committee meeting (although not necessarily every month) at a place to be determined.
  • The Forum Committee responsibilities are to:
    • Recommend a date and location for the annual Cayman Captive Forum (“CCF”) to the Executive Committee.
    • Negotiate the contract with the approved conference facilities and negotiate rates with other hotels.
    • Arrange CCF golf tournament.
    • Collect proposed forum topics and proposed speakers from the Members and recommend a proposed agenda to the Executive Committee.
    • Solicit sponsorship, sale of booths and prize giveaways; and report progress to the Executive Committee.
    • Co-ordinate with the Marketing / Website Committee to produce written marketing materials and update the website for online registration and the upcoming CCF.
    • Obtain an annual letter from the Cayman Islands Government Financial Secretary’s office waiving duty on booth displays temporarily brought to the Cayman Islands.
    • Consolidate feedback after the annual CCF to improve upon the following year’s event.


Updated at 2016-04-05.


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